Pathfinder kingmaker valerie romance guide


Valerie is Tower Shield Specialistwhich is a subclass of Fighterand as such is a fantastic front line tank that can survive almost anything thrown at her. This build guide is aimed for beginners and everyone else that need their memory refreshed regarding certain mechanics. This build focuses exclusively on being very tanky by having an extremely high AC.

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Attributes Valerie has a decent Attribute spread. Attribute Points are gained every 4 levels with a total of 5 upon reaching level What her Attributes look like at Level Mobility is the only important fighting Skill here because it improves the effectiveness of Fighting Defensively. The rest of her Skill Points can be put wherever you want, with Persuasion being the obvious choice due to Charisma and the Class Skill bonus to it.

It does not affect combat but helps in conversations, which is nice to have. Fighters get an insane number of Feats, so there is plenty of different ones that can be chosen, and it is also important to consider party composition as well when selecting them. Having a second melee character with a shield in your group, with same teamwork bonuses like Shield Wallcan make your frontline almost immortal.

This gives everyone else plenty of freedom to focus on taking down enemies, and can be invaluable. Everyone needs a good front liner to help tank and protect their party. If you plan on playing Valerie as a solo, tanky frontliner, then you do not need any defensive teamwork Feats like Coordinated Defense.

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Having an Inquisitor next to you, on the other hand, means you should invest heavily into teamwork feats since that is what Inquisitor gets automatically. Be sure to consider these things when selecting Feats, as this part can vary quite widely based on your party make-up. The idea here is very simple. Outflank is just too good to pass up, because you are likely to have one more melee class in your group that can benefit from it, and they should have that Feat as well.

Combat Maneuvers are attack rolls, meaning all bonuses and subtractions apply. This Feat really helps to boost the damage you deal as a tanky character. There are many accessories in the game, but be aware that many bonuses do not stack.Do you want to get really involved with a certain game? Our mission : To be thorough, detailed, emotional and honest. We need a lot of support, both on the editorial side and financially.

And if you want to talk to us or other readers or leave feedback, just contact us. Here you will find a list of all companions, their locations, special features and we give tips on skills and equipment. Die deutsche Version dieses Guides findet ihr hier. Click here to read the German version of this guide.

In Pathfinder: Kingmakerour main character is supported by up to five companions.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Guide to all companions

Let us tell you where you can find your companions. Below we present each character in detail and give you tips for skills please note that we have also listed talents that may already be available and equipment. This is based on our experience Act 3 at the momentbut we are far from finished with the game. We will update skills and equipment on a regular basis.

You can find a list of the best weapons and armor in a separate article. There you can also check out where to find the items we recommend. You will also find information about the respective companion quests in this article attention: more spoilersas far as they are available to us and seem necessary.

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Octavia is a Rogue and a Wizard. Regongar, the Eldritch Scion. Creating a new companion allows you to build a perfect party member. However, this costs a lot of gold per companion it scales with your level; at the beginning it is 2, gold, at level 10 already 50, gold.

So, you should consider this very carefully. Well, who likes it…. We already mentioned our guide to the best items as well as relics and their locations. A mega-guide with all information and tips about character creation, combat and kingdom management can also be found here. If you need help setting the perfect level of difficultywe can help you as well. Hat die Baldur's Gate-Saga 7 Mal durchgespielt.

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Bekennender "Life is Strange"-Fanboy. You must be logged in to post a comment.It's nice to have a goal. Here are 11 things I wish I'd known before I started. When the party is together spare inventory weight is spread equally among them. Once you get back to town you'll be controlling just the one character, who will immediately be weighed down by all that half-plate you were planning to sell.

Make sure to buy at least one bag of holding as soon as you can. Several merchants carry them and they shave pounds off your encumbrance. Once you unlock the kingdom management side of things a tutorial will take you through how to spend Build Points on construction. Feel free to plonk down six or seven buildings, but don't feel the need to fill every slot straight away. The next section of the tutorial will teach you how to add another region to your barony and will expect you to have BP left over to spend on that.

Don't be like Muggins here and put a business in every slot then run out of BP. If you do come short though, know that Hassuf, a merchant in your capital, sells BP for 80 gold each. A hint about this has been patched in so future players don't go to Fangberry Cave and get their asses handed to them by spider swarms like the rest of us did, but in case you missed it, enemies of the swarm type can only be damaged by area-of-effect attacks.

If you've got the Burning Hands spell that will do the trick, as will throwing flasks of alchemist's fire or acid. Apparently equipping torches as weapons works too. Diplomacy checks pop up in conversation frequently, because diplomacy is the kind of thing barons do a lot of. There's no diplomacy skill on your character sheet, though.

In Pathfinder diplomacy is handled by the Persuasion skill, as are bluff checks for when you outright lie those seem rarer but I've encountered a couple. Sometimes your main character will need to make diplomacy checks when the rest of the party's absent, so it's worth having the leader also be the face and put some points into Persuasion. I'd recommend putting some points into Athletics and Mobility as well, if you can afford it, for one specific encounter.

When you make camp everybody needs to be fed. In the wilderness you can just send someone off hunting if they've got the Lore Nature skill, like faithful barbarian Amiri. It adds several hours to the rest time, but saves on rations. Underground you can't go hunting though, so if you like to rest to get your spells back on the regular buy some camping supplies and rations when a dungeon crawl is on the cards.

They're heavy items, but that's why you bought bags of holding. Kingmaker has a robust set of difficulty options, which is great.Community Showcase More.

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Ultimate Guide

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The start of the romance path with Valerie. She's in the tavern Drowning Her Sorrows because all anyone can seem to talk about since her duel is the scar running across her face. She snidely asks the male Baron what he thinks now that her beauty is marredas the rest of her would-be suitors quickly evaporated. Valerie : Flushing red, Valerie turns to you with an almost daring sneer It would be strange to expect anything else from you.

Well, where are your compliments now? Do you like this Valerie? Baron : Yes. Valerie : What? Valerie stops. Blinking a few timesshe stares in your face, as if trying to find signs of deceit. Baron : For me, you're always beautiful. Nothing could ever change that. I came late in the evening, after all of them had left, and all I brought was a bunch of wild flowers.

I set them on the porch and said, "I saw a nixie crying in the forest. She'd planned to make a lantern of my heartbut she found my heart was already taken! It's bad fortune to make nixies cry, so Lady Lissa, would you go to the forest and give the heart you've taken to anyone who may need it more than you?

Nyrissa : Do you know why I couldn't immediately recognize the intrusion, when you and the foolish little robin bard broke into my dreams? Because it wasn't the first time I dreamt of you. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?Valerie is a companion in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. She's a lawful neutral human fighter tower shield specialist from Brevoyand a failed paladin of Shelyn.

Expect the spurned goddess to take revenge on her. Due to her flawless, almost supernatural beauty, Valerie has been at the center of everyone's attention, even when she was still a child.

Born into a noble Brevic family, the young girl soon became a shining star of high society. She quickly had to learn to resist the unwanted advances of her admirers, using cold arrogance and impeccable, distant manners as an impenetrable shield. Her father had chosen a great destiny for Valerie: she was supposed to become a paladin of Shelyn. However, the teachings of obedience and humbleness before the goddess of beauty and love appeared to be something that young Valerie wasn't too susceptible to - unlike the lessons of martial arts, which she mastered almost to perfection.

The life of Valerie had changed dramatically when an act of blasphemy made her future path as Shelyn's paladin impossible. Having rejected the grace of the goddess, she left high society to take her fate into her own hands. Today Valerie is not some nobleman's pampered daughter. Instead, she has become a seasoned mercenary, who has lived through dozens of battles under the banners of Swordlords.

Having her gorgeous hair cut off and her silk dresses replaced by steel armor, she has broken with her past without hesitation. But is the past ready to stay behind the proud and confident mercenary? Even the kindest of gods don't take well to blasphemy, and the revenge of Shelyn may not only be harsh, but also incredibly poetic. For those who appreciate her military talents, Valerie will become a reliable defender in every possible challenge.

In battle, she uses a bastard sword and a tower shield. Valerie prefers full plate armor and defensive tactics: she waits patiently until the enemy reveals an opening, and only then she strikes with all her might. Valerie is a natural-born leader, who can inspire and rally people. If she gets an important role in the Kingdom governance, she can show her talents not only in state defense but also in the field of diplomacy.

Although she once has rejected the path of a lady in high society, Valerie still knows how to behave in aristocratic circles and how to save face in conflict situations. Though she may prefer the way of the blade, if necessary, Valerie can actively participate in diplomatic maneuvers as well as in straightforward battles. Valerie may join your party at the end of the prologue, if you make the lawful choice in conversation with Jamandi Aldori.

If she doesn't join you in the prologue, you have a chance later to recruit her with a successful Diplomacy check. Sign In.

pathfinder kingmaker valerie romance guide

Gamepedia and Fandom have joined forces and our combined teams would like to encourage all Pathfinder Kingmaker fans to unite work together.Your donations keep RPGWatch running! Kingmaker - Companion Romances September 13th, A new update for Pathfinder: Kingmaker looks at companion romances.

pathfinder kingmaker valerie romance guide

Love in the Stolen Lands - Companion Romances A life of adventure and the burden of rulership are no obstacle for deep feelings and devotion. The romances of "Pathfinder: Kingmaker" are here to enhance your roleplaying experience. On top of having their own stories, personalities and motivations, we've added additional depth to some of our companions by allowing players to romance them.

Four of our brave party members are available as potential love interests: Valerie romanceable by male PCsTristian female PCsOctavia, and Regongar both romanceable by male and female PCs. Valerie Valerie appears rational and reserved. And yet, hidden behind all the self-control, her emotions yearn to break free. To win her heart you must first win her trust - and help her to come to peace with herself.


Afraid of the pain of heartbreak, he is hesitant to open himself to others. But when he does, you won't find a partner more tender and devoted than him. Octavia Octavia, the optimistic, bright-spirited wizard, is a true friend and confidant. For her, is love a source of happiness - or something to fear?

Regongar Regongar is like an active volcano. Fierce and dashing, he can't live without danger and challenges. Is there a limit to his recklessness? Will he be able to stop before destroying everything he holds dear? At the game's start Octavia and Regongar are a couple on the verge of breaking up.

It's up to you to help one of them find their new love you! For the purpose of building a complete experience and adding more depth to the whole story, we tied the romances to the main storyline. To gain the attention of your love interest you will have to travel together and participate in the story events together.

This will prompt additional cues and dialogue options with a character, allowing you to learn more about them and get them to know a little better. Actions speak louder than words. Striking down a deadly monster at great risk to yourself, swaying an enemy to your side, or taking responsibility for a particularly tough decision can impress your love interest… or disappoint them. There are no alignment restrictions on romances in the game. An evil character can fall in love with a good one, although keeping such a relationship alive may be harder than maintaining a romance between characters with similar alignment and values in life.

Romance in Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a journey, both intricate and exciting. At the end of it, you may be able to marry your beloved, or decide to skip the formalities and live together without titles and simply enjoy the relationship for what it is.

In the end, this is your love story.

pathfinder kingmaker valerie romance guide

Did you play the classic trilogy back in the day? Why not combine your vacation in the Stolen Lands with a little trip to Skara Brae?

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Hail to the Kings! Owlcats Thanks purpleblob! More information. September 13th, Uh Oh someone here at the Watch hates romance.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Tavern Party Trailer

Store Page. Pathfinder: Kingmaker Store Page. Global Achievements. Since there's no guides out for this sorta things, I did a bunch of trial and errors.

Volume 5 n.s., issue 1 (2016)

Chapter 1: when talking to her for the first time, you'll have the option to mention her beauty, choose the option that you won't stalk her like her admirers, and that you just want her to know you took notice of her. Old Sycamore: when you first get there you'll see the kobolds and the mites getting ready to wage war, don't bother with any of the dialogue options and choose immediately to attack, Valerie would let out a battle cry about killing evil creatures Old Sycamore: learn about the Worg from the goblins in the south inlete, and when you first converse with it, don't go through the dialogue options and just pick to attack, that you don't talk with evil creatures, Valerie again will let out a battle cry like before.

If you do the above options, the next time you rest, you'll get a after campfire scene with Valerie having trouble buckling her armor, choose the option to see if she wants help. With all this done, you're on a surefire start. Keep her in your party and just choose options that are of Lawful Neutral, good idea to save scum, cause she doesn't always agree with Lawful Good actions, if you pick an option and she gives a "negative" response to what you did, reload and pick something else.

For example, don't punish Bartholemew, and choose to do nothing as what he's doing isn't breaking any laws. I notice that if you don't do the above listed actions, it's extremely difficult to get her relationship train going, the game really goes off of "first impression is the lasting impression" as these actions gives the largest boost to her relationship values.

The way you know you're on the right track, is that she'll change how she greets you, when she's neutral, she'll sigh before saying something to you, and she'll warm up to you, each time you bring the relationship up to the next level.

There's one camp scene for every chapter, so if you seen one camp scene already for the chapter, don't worry about missing one till the next chapter. Basically it's one relationship level per chapter, and by Twice Born Warlords, you should be bedding her around the start of then.

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